About Us

Tree Felling Johannesburg

Your friendly local tree felling professionals at your request!

Tree Felling Johannesburg started in 1995 with the objective of being the town’s renowned tree felling professionals who pay attention to your needs and provide the best advice for free!

While money companies are started solely for profit a few are founded for the care of our people and as such a company we are dedicated to treating all our customers like family no matter what your requests are.

Local is lekker when you choose us for tree felling services

Tree Felling Johannesburg has always put our customers on the pedestal and a platform that is in such high regard deserves the best customer care services possible:

  • Tree Felling Bookings:- Book your tree felling session based on your own schedule and we will do our best to avail ourselves for you.
  • Tree Felling Reservations:- You can also book us for large projects that require a lot of man power and we will have to carefully adjust our service offering to ensure all our customers are attended to.
  • Tree Felling Services:- No matter what tree felling situations you need to deal with, you can always count on us to be there when you need us the most.

Tree Felling Johannesburg’s services are provided by experienced and highly trained experts who operate heavy vehicles and dangerous machinery to meet all your expectations.

Be sure to ask us any questions you might regarding your tree felling needs and our awesome team at Tree Felling Johannesburg will provide you with all the information you need, including a free quote based on your requests!